The Basics of SEO: A Clear Picture of It

Currently, the definition of SEO is changing, although it is formally stated that it is a search engine optimization of sites. Rather, the specifics of understanding the process of optimizing and promoting the site expand if an instrument such as SEO is used. To get started, let's decipher the acronym SEO. This is Search Engine Optimization. There are many effective online SEO tools, which should be used with the aim to promote the website effectively. But before you start using them, learn more about the basics of SEO.

SEO - What Is It and How Is It Applied?

In total, it turns out: SEO is website optimization for promotion in search engines. But still, let's understand in more detail the SEO idea itself. Let's try to understand what SEO is in the context of search engines. And in order not to torment you with unnecessary discussions, we`ll turn to examples.

Example: Suppose, we have a website about providing a lawyer in California. Most likely, you will want to be found in search engines immediately. After all, the user is not looking for you, but looking for the information he needs using relevant search queries. Relevant search queries are keywords that, in terms of meaning, match the search criteria for information by the user in search engines. In our case, we will consider the request "Lawyer in California" and see the search results: Introducing our search query, we get search results, which we can conditionally divide into two semantic perspectives: Advertising and Organic Search.

We are only interested in organic issuance, and contextual advertising on Google is considered separately. So, organic search results are TOP sites, information on which is more relevant in the sense of a search query. So, SEO is a tool that helps to promote information on the site for relevant key queries, as in our example. To promote the site, the main part of SEO is used - site optimization. And only then, website promotion is used.

What Is Website Optimization?

It is about creating a specific resource that meets the specific rules of search engines. Usually, site optimization can be called creating and changing the technical elements of the site for search engine algorithms. Since there are many search engine algorithms at present, SEO is no longer a trivial task. Let's understand the basic elements of website optimization to answer the question of what SEO is from this perspective.

Currently, you can do two things: website optimization for Google and website optimization for Yandex, as these are the two main search engines. So, site optimization is a process related to the functioning of the site. The functioning itself affects how well search engines perceive and rank the site for several factors.