Simple posting etiquette & rules we try to follow on MindHub

  1. Snip:

    When replying to a message, please only include the few lines from the original message that you are replying to, enough to let people know what you are commenting on.

    Please delete the extraneous text in the headers and footers (ie: links about subscribing and unsubscribing that are included with each message, and the signature text added by other people's email programs.) They just clutter a message.

    Many Mindhub members get their mail in digest format. Replying to a message intact (ie: without deleting parts of the original message on which you are not commenting) creates a long and confusing digest, which is a headache for digest subscribers.

  2. Topic Headers:

    To make it easier for subscribers to filter post topics, please use topic headers in your subject line.

    COM: Take-away from InForum lecture
    EVENT: Fulton Plaza Thursdays
    JOB: Production Artist Needed

  3. Plain Text:

    Set your email program preferences to send plain text only messages to the Mindhub list. That is, your message should not include special formatting like HTML. This causes all the funky formatting that repeats everything twice and makes digests unnecessarily long.

  4. Subject Lines:

    Use descriptive subject lines.
    Remember to change the subject line if you are replying from the digest version. Copy the subject line from the message to which you're replying and paste it into your reply's subject line, prefixing it with "Re:".

  5. Language:
    • Be mindful of using provocative language. Free speech doesn't need to be hurtful to others. Everyone uses a swear word or two -(ok most everyone :) but communities, even virutal communities become stronger with mutual respect and acceptance.
    • Promotion of an idea or product can/should be offered without putdown of differing ideas or products. When someone is asking for or discussing recommendations, it would be OK to say something like, "I really like x for all these reasons. I wasn't satisfied with my experience at x" or even "I had to wait an hour, the office was disorganized" (i.e., pure reporting on an experience vs. "You're taking your life in your hands if you use x's services.")
    • Positive endorsements are preferred over negative commentary. Negative commentary, besides being a destructive approach, also puts the malcontent at risk of defamation lawsuits.

  6. Attachments:

    DO NOT SEND FILE ATTACHMENTS, including Vcards to the list. In addition to the threat of viruses, they wreak havoc with the digests or can get translated into a big mess at the bottom of the email that takes up several screens. Netscape users should be aware that they may be unknowingly sending VCard attachments. In Netscape Communicator, open the Preferences dialog box, switch to the Identity panel, and deselect "Attach my personal card to messages (as a VCard)" to avoid sending VCards with every message.

  7. Thank you for no "Me Toos":

    Thank yous are greatly encouraged, but one line messages which do not contribute to furthering the discussion, like "me too" should be sent to the individual you are addressing, rather than the list as a whole.

  8. Forwarding:

    Along with Reply All, it is considered bad "netiquette" to forward email without permission of the original writer. This doesn't apply to jokes and articles that are meant to be circulated but someone's private email whether it is to you or the list should not be forwarded. Along the same lines, private email to you should not be posted to the list.

  9. Writing and Layout Suggestions:

    1. Don't use all capital letters for more than a word or two.
    2. Insert blank lines between paragraphs.
    3. Include full URL schemes, as in <>.
    4. Surround URLs with angle brackets helps with broken lines and keeps periods from interfering.
    5. Use a short signature containing only essential data.
  10. No advertising allowed on MindHub

    The tone of MindHub conversational and personal. NO ADVERTISING IS ALLOWED.

    So, what is an ad? Any "salesy" talk (free, amazing, etc.) from a person/company promoting their product or service. Also, if there is no context for your post such as, "got milk?" that sounds like an ad. Who are you and what is the purpose of your post to MindHub?

    Is it an intro? Then please say so.

    Are you trying to get something tested? Then please say so.

    Are you trying to advertise your business? Then this isn't the right forum for you.

    Think of MindHub as talking to people in a café. You wouldn't just stand up and blurt out "check out our stuff for free" without first introducing yourself and saying why you are there.

    Why does this matter? Ads are the quickest way to kill conversation and destroy a thriving list. No one wants to hear an ad when they are expecting real informational content.

    There is currently one exception to this rule: Events

    Events can be promoted and advertised because they directly counter the mentality, "There's nothing to do in Fresno" which simply isn't true.

    The following articles and/or sites were used as resources. Some of the above text was used with permission from the author.